High scores to Terras Gauda


  • Pittacum, one of the best values from El Bierzo, according to Robert Parker
  • Critic Josh Reynolds awards high scores to TERRAS GAUDA, PITTACUM and QUINTA SARDONIA wines in Steve Tanzer’s influential U.S. publication, ‘International Wine Cellar’

The famous magazine edited by Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate, and the International Wine Cellar have both promoted the international recognition of the TERRAS GAUDA Group by giving very positive reviews to wines from all three wineries (TERRAS GAUDA, PITTACUM and QUINTA SARDONIA), with scores that have received a significant amount of attention worldwide.

Pittacum (90) is considered by Luis Gutiérrez, Robert Parker’s designated taster for Spanish wines, to be one of the best wines from El Bierzo in terms of value for the money. The influential critic also gave a high score (92) to Pittacum’s La Prohibición, produced from Garnacha tintorera grapes.

Josh Reynolds, in turn, highlights wines from all three wineries in the influential American magazine International Wine Cellar. Of the more than 50 countries around the world to which the Group exports, the USA is one of the Group’s main markets abroad. With editions in French and Japanese, the magazine publishes 10,000 tasting notes every year.

The flagship wine of the O Rosal winery, Terras Gauda (92), stands out for its aromas, its precision on the palate and pure finish. The same score was given to La Mar, which won praise for its complex aromas and excellent finish in the mouth. The 100% Albariño wine Abadía de San Campio also received a high score (91).

Josh Reynolds describes Pittacum Barrica as a brilliant wine, with great concentration in the mouth, while he stresses the purity and precision of Pittacum Aurea (93 points), along with its excellent momentum and persistent sweetness. La Prohibición also achieved important recognition.

 With regard to QUINTA SARDONIA, International Wine Cellar  selected QS2 (92 points) for their wine tasting, highlighting its penetrating strawberry, blueberry and cola aromas and its excellent concentration.

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