Verkoop van betere wijn via supermarkt groeit

In Amerika zet de trend die wij hier ook merken goed door: wijn via supermarkten wordt goed verkocht.

De groei is zelfs groter dan 10% en vooral in wijnen boven de 9 dollar.

Het segment boven de 30 dollar groeit zelfs het hardst.

Analysis of Second Quarter 2006 IRI Scan Data:

Overall wine sales in food and drug channels are up 10.4 percent. To put this in context, the beer industry is having a good year if sales grow 1 percent.

Growth is primarily in the above $9 per bottle price category; and all varietals are participating in the growth, except White Zinfandel and, to some extent, Merlot.

The growth in Pinot Noir sales has slowed considerably, which may be as much a lack of supply as a stabilization of demand. Merlot’s slide has stopped but growth is still quite weak.
The fastest growing segment is wine above $15 and especially wine above $30/bottle — segments that barely existed in chains not long ago. The chains are clearly moving up market in what they are offering the consumer — or as one store put it, "we are following the consumer up market". Grocery retailers have found that wine buyers buy a more expensive basket of goods, that higher end wine buyers buy an even more expensive basket of goods and that a broader selection of high end wines has great marketing impact.

Australian imports have grown more slowly than the overall market, losing market share, and continue to show little traction above $9/bottle.

South Africa may be the sleeper among wine imports, growing at triple digit rates, with sales now approaching those of Spain.

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