Lancering van eigen platform voor Antonio Galloni

Ontvangen per mail het persbericht van Antonio Galloni:

NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 12, 2013 – Antonio Galloni announced today the launch of, a multimedia, technology driven platform. Galloni will continue his extensive reporting on the wines of Italy, Champagne, California and Burgundy, while expanding coverage to other regions.

“My interactions with readers over the last decade of wine writing are a consistent source of inspiration. These experiences gave me the conviction to introduce numerous innovations at The Wine Advocate, including video coverage and public tastings & events. At the same time, I felt a strong desire to return to my entrepreneurial roots, first established with Piedmont Report in 2004” Galloni states. 

“I will continue to strive toward greater accessibility for readers in their appreciation of wine as I build on these innovations through my new venture. will enable me to serve my readers better than ever before, always with the goal of assisting them in making informed wine choices and introducing them to great as yet undiscovered wines. In growing this new project my priority is to build a team of the highest-level professionals – appreciating, of course, that world-class talent is rare and hard to find.” represents the values and standards that I have demanded of myself for my entire career, namely genuine independence and the steadfast belief in the importance of representing the interests of my readers” says Galloni. “I will maintain my current travel, tasting and publishing schedule. Our readers at will have complete access to the entire library of more than 25,000 reviews and several hundred articles which I have written over the course of the last ten years.”

“I want to thank my long-time readers, many of whom date back to the Piedmont Report days, for their unwavering support, and also Robert Parker for encouraging me to follow my passion in wine.”

About Antonio Galloni

In 2004 Antonio Galloni founded Piedmont Report, a quarterly publication dedicated to the wine region of Piedmont, Italy. Since 2006, Galloni has contributed to the The Wine Advocate where he was responsible for reviewing the wines of Italy, Champagne, California and Burgundy. At the time of his departure, Galloni was the lead critic at The Wine Advocate, having authored 1/3rd of the reviews published by The Wine Advocate in 2012. Galloni also ran the world’s most followed bulletin board on Italian wines and spearheaded The Wine Advocate’s production of video content. He developed tailored public events & seminars such as the highly anticipated “La Festa del Barolo,” vertical tastings focused on the benchmark wines of Italy, and numerous charity dinners.

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