Oogstbericht 2001: Barbaresco, geweldig!

De 2001 scoort hoog in de laatste proeverij van James Suckling van Wine Spectator. Maar niet zo goed als 2000. En 2003 was minder.

Most of the top names released their 2001s onto the market more than a year ago, but the late releases I tasted this summer are something to seek out. The 2001 Barbarescos are slightly racier and fresher than the legendary 2000s, but I still prefer the latter to the former. It’s really a question of splitting hairs. Both are great years. Most of the wines need another two to four years of bottle age.

The cooperative winery of Produttori del Barbaresco, which is a group of 56 growers who share production and sales facilities, only makes riserva wines in top vintages, so it’s no surprise they made some fantastic wines in 2001, a great vintage for Barbaresco as well as Barolo. And Produttori’s prices are amazing, usually a fraction of the price of other top Barbaresco producers.

There’s also a handful of 2003 Barbarescos here that are worth your while. The ultrahot vintage made much better wines than I expected, although some lack structure and character. The intense sun in the summer of 2003 literally burned out much of the goodness and character in many of the grapes, so the top names in Piedmont had to manage their vines to the optimum to maintain what quality they could in the grapes.

Produttori del Barbaresco, which represents about 38 percent of the appellation’s total production, is not making riserva wines in 2003. Its riserva range, like in 2001, is made from a selection of the best grapes when they arrive at the winery during the harvest.

Wine Score Price
PRODUTTORI DEL BARBARESCO Barbaresco Pajé Riserva 2001 93 $55
Bright aromas of fresh roses, raspberry and incense. Full-bodied, with velvety tannins and lots of fruit. Layered and rich. All there. Solid. Best after 2008. 200 cases imported. —J.S.

BRUNO GIACOSA Barbaresco Asili 2001 93 $180
Bright plum and cedar character with loads of underlying ripe fruit. Roses also. Full-bodied, with fine, silky tannins and a wonderful balance of fruit, cedar and plums. This is a subtle wine that needs time to develop in the bottle. Best after 2009. 1,100 cases made. —J.S.

PRODUTTORI DEL BARBARESCO Barbaresco Moccagatta Riserva 2001 92 $55
Intense aromas of minerals, berries and tar. Full-bodied, with fine tannins and a long, fresh finish. This is still a firm baby–give it time. Best after 2009. 300 cases imported. —J.S.

PRODUTTORI DEL BARBARESCO Barbaresco Montestefano Riserva 2001 92 $55
Intense raspberry and strawberry aromas. Full-bodied, with fine tannins and a long, long finish. Silky, elegant and structured. Best after 2008. 300 cases imported. —J.S.

PRODUTTORI DEL BARBARESCO Barbaresco Rabajà Riserva 2001 92 $55
Very floral, with blackberry and plum character. Full-bodied, with a solid core of fruit and silky, refined tannins. Gorgeous finish. Best after 2008. 300 cases imported. —J.S.

PRODUTTORI DEL BARBARESCO Barbaresco Rio Sordo Riserva 2001 92 $55
Aromas of plum, blackberry and hints of cedar. Full-bodied, silky and flavorful. Focused and delicious. Long, long finish. Balanced. Better than the 2000. Best after 2007. 300 cases imported. —J.S.

PIO CESARE Barbaresco Il Bricco 2003 92 $128
Lots of plum and blackberry aromas with hints of wood. Full-bodied, with vanilla and fruit character. Long, flavorful finish. Layered and impressive. Best after 2008. 180 cases imported. —J.S.

PRUNOTTO Barbaresco 2001 92 $47
Wonderful aromas of blackberr, mineral and dried flowers. Full-bodied, with silky tannins and loads of ripe fruit. A complex and concentrated wine with subtlety. Best after 2008. 800 cases imported. —J.S.

PRODUTTORI DEL BARBARESCO Barbaresco Ovello Riserva 2001 91 $55
Attractive aromas of dried flowers and crushed dark fruits. Full-bodied, with silky tannins and bright acidity. Goes on and on. Reserved and fresh. Give it some time still. Best after 2008. 300 cases imported. —J.S.

PRODUTTORI DEL BARBARESCO Barbaresco Pora Riserva 2001 91 $55
Gorgeous aromas of strawberry, flowers and raspberry. Full-bodied, with soft tannins and a long, velvety finish. Beautiful and rich. Balanced. Best after 2008. 300 cases imported. —J.S.

CASCINA BRUCIATA Barbaresco Rio Sordo 2003 91 $45
Aromas of crushed raspberry and blackberry follow through to a full-bodied palate, with chewy tannins and a long, long finish. Lots going on here. Interesting new producer for me. Best after 2008. 210 cases imported. —J.S.

PIO CESARE Barbaresco 2003 91 $65
Fresh and grapey, with light plum and flower character. Full-bodied, with delicious fruit, vanilla and strawberry character. Long finish. Hard not to drink it now. Best after 2008. 650 cases imported. —J.S.

CIGLIUTI Barbaresco Serraboella 2003 91 NA
Blackberry and light Indian spices with hints of flowers that follow through to a medium-bodied palate, with fine tannins and a caressing finish. Balanced and refined for the vintage. Best after 2008. 500 cases made. —J.S.

PRINSI Barbaresco Gaia Principe 2001 91 $50
Perfumed and fruity with hints of jam and cedar. Full-bodied, with silky tannins and a chewy, ripe fruit aftertaste. Best after 2007. 400 cases imported. —J.S.

CIGLIUTI Barbaresco Vigne Erte 2003 90 NA
Beautiful aromas of blackberry with hints of toasted oak. Full-bodied, with lots of fruit and chewy tannins. Long and delicious. Best after 2009. 440 cases made. —J.S.

FRATELLI GIACOSA Barbaresco Rio Sordo 2000 90 $45
Wonderful aromas of plum, coffee and Indian spices. Full-bodied, soft and silky, with plenty of fruit and a long finish. Balanced and refined. Beautiful now but will improve with age. Drink now through 2015. 200 cases imported. —J.S.

PRINSI Barbaresco Fausone Riserva 2001 90 $68
Silky and refined, with light plum and dried flower character. Medium body, light tannins and a delicate fruity aftertaste. Best after 2008. 180 cases imported. —J.S.

PRUNOTTO Barbaresco 2003 90 $47
Fresh and clean with strawberry, berry and floral aromas. Full-bodied, with silky tannins and a fruity finish. Balanced, clean and fruity for the vintage. Best after 2008. 1,500 cases made. —J.S.

Bron: Wine Spectator

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