Nieuw amerikaans marktonderzoek

Een nieuw marktonderzoek onder wijndrinkers in Amerika geeft een paar leuke resultaten.

Schroefdop: 52 procent is er confortabel of blij mee en maar 17 procent onzeker

Voor 97 procent van de regelmatige wijndrinkers speelt wijn een belangrijke rol bij verjaardagen en andere vieringen, terwijl dat maar 28 procent is bij mensen die niet regelmatig wijn drinken.

While some say Shiraz and some say Syrah, most consumers – a whopping 83 percent in fact – either have no idea or are incorrect about the fact that the two are made from the same grape, just grown in different regions. And, in addition to interesting perceptions about “Down Under” in general and wine preferences in particular, results from a recently completed 600-respondent survey(1) support the trend toward a growing acceptance of wine among U.S. consumers.

In fact, an impressive 74 percent of 2007 survey respondents report they drink wine on an occasional or frequent basis as compared to 60 percent reported doing so in a similar survey conducted just last year. Moreover, a significant number of survey respondents said they are choosing wine over beer more often as compared to one year ago (65 percent in 2007 vs. 52 percent in 2006).

And, when it comes to the emerging trend toward screw caps on quality bottles of wine, the majority of those surveyed (52 percent) reported they are somewhat or very comfortable with the practice and 17 percent are still undecided or uncertain. But, when it comes to the common practice of blending wine to create the best bottle of wine possible, U.S. consumers are not quite as savvy given the majority of respondents (57 percent) do not realize that most wines, regardless of their origins, are actually made from a blend of grapes or those grown from different regions.

Based on the survey results, consumers are interested in Australia, but, similar to results from last year, they are not necessarily aware of the country’s winemaking expertise.

A few Aussie-related highlights include the following:

    * While a solid 72 percent of respondents first think of kangaroos or The Outback when asked about Australia, only 11 percent think of winemaking expertise;
    * Australia is the top dream destination for the largest group of U.S. survey respondents (47 percent) followed by Italy (30 percent), Ireland (12 percent), Greece (7 percent) and Japan (5 percent);
    * An impressive 87 percent of those surveyed are interested in trying wine produced “Down Under” followed by trying wine from Chile (74 percent), Italy (73 percent), France (71 percent), and Spain (69 percent)(2).

It is also interesting to note differences in consumer habits and perceptions among frequent wine drinkers as compared to respondents who report they seldom drink wine. For instance, a few noteworthy differences are outlined below:

    * Nearly all (97 percent) of those who frequently drink wine report that wine plays a key role in special moments and celebrations with friends and family which does not necessarily hold true for those who seldom drink wine (28 percent);
    * Fifty-five percent of survey respondents who report they drink wine frequently would consider using a quality wine for marinating food for grilling while 82 percent of seldom wine drinkers report not being open to the culinary concept;
    * A full 82 percent of respondents who drink wine frequently report they would be more likely to purchase a wine if they knew it was hand-crafted from a family-owned winery with a long history of winemaking whereas only 33 percent of respondents who seldom drink wine would do so.

With a dedicated history of creating top quality wine in Australia, the six-generation family of expert winemakers that craft McWilliam’s Hanwood Estate® wine continues their quest to tap into consumer preferences and raise awareness for high quality Australian wine among U.S. consumers.

Bron: BusinessWire

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