De oogst begint nu in Napa

Vandaag beginnen de plukkers met oogsten in Napa. De plukkers van Mumm Napa toosten erop.

Ze beginnen met de Pinot Noir en Chardonnay.

Harvest 2006 has begun in the Napa Valley. Mumm Napa workers harvested about 18 tons of pinot noir Wednesday from a vineyard off Trubody Lane, between Napa and Yountville, hauling the harvest to the winery on Silverado Trail in Rutherford.

Mumm winemaker Ludovic Dervin predicted 2006 will prove a good vintage for Napa Valley wines.

“Winter floods and heavy spring rains were offset by July’s heat wave,” he said in a prepared statement. “But the early rain provided a high level of groundwater for the vines to draw from so they are not affected by the heat. I anticipate a very promising harvest for 2006 in the Napa Valley.”

Mumm celebrated the first bins of the season with a 100-bottle salute and a toast to Guy Devaux, the French winemaker who in 1983 identified Napa Valley as the perfect spot for Mumm to launch its American sparkling wine program. Devaux’s search of United States’ grapegrowing regions lasted four years. A vineyard named for Devaux is just north of the Carneros Highway near the Sonoma County line.

Pinot noir and chardonnay for sparkling wine are traditionally among the first grapes to be harvested. Sparkling wine producers prefer grapes that are less ripe, or lower in sugar levels, than those used in still wines.

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