Red Drops of Life

Passie uit Basilicata!
“Hello wine lover,

This is my latest creation for the Digital Diary of Basilicata, Italy. My piece is under competition. So, if you like it, great if you’d share it and so helping me getting the award! That would help me enormously making it possible to go on with my work. Thank you so much!

With “Red drops of life” I wanted to visualize the story behind a divine wine in a poetic way. In fact it’s not a person that tells the story, but it’s the wine that tells its story through the senses. One glass of wine is containing not only a finely elaborated extract of riped grapes fed with a unique set of elements of found in these lands: sun, water and volcanic minerals; but it contains stories… stories of the people dedicating their lives to nurture it, following their traditions, knowledge and above all, their passion.

Aglianico wine.. a story in a bottle, that needs to be told.”

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