Castel opent wijngaard in Ethiopie


BGI Breweries wil samen met Castel Wines in Ethiopie een wijngaard beginnen.

De wijnen komen pas in 2009 in productie.

De investering is 10 miljoen dollar voor 100 hectare. Pfoe. Gokje zou ik zeggen…

BGI Ethiopia, the leading brewery in Ethiopia, has shown an interest in setting up a wine factory, which it has projected to launch production in 2009, sources disclosed.

Pierre Castel, president of Castel Group and a major shareholder of BGI Ethiopia, visited Addis Abeba last week, where he held talks with Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and Tadesse Haile, state minister of Trade and Industry (MoTI).

Reliable sources confirmed that both the Prime Minister and the State Minister have shown a strong commitment to their government's interest to assist BGI in its new venture.

The first phase of the winery, to be carried out on a 100ht plot is expected to consume 10 million dollar; it will have an annual production capacity of one million bottles of export standard wines.

It will be an unparalleled capacity when compared to the lone winery Ethiopia has today. Established in the early 1960s, the state owned Awash Wine Factory has five brands it bottles – Axumite, Guder, Dukem, Camilla and Crystal – with a production capacity limited to 50,000 to 60,000 bottles a year. Many of these brands are exported to the United States and Djibouti, generating annual revenue of 100,000 dollars.

"It's a free market, who can say no to it," said a senior staff at Awash Winery. "We just have to work hard."

Reliable sources disclosed to Fortune that a group of agricultural experts has been sent around Awassa, 273Km south of Addis, last week to test the suitability of the soil where the plantation could be placed. The seed is to be imported from Bordeaux in France, said these sources.

BGI Ethiopia, first registered in 1998, was originally owned by Brasseries International Holdings (BIH) and HEBU Properties Ltd, a Gibraltar registered company under the name of Lydia Mekonnen. After operating a brewery in Kombolcha with an investment of 25 million dollars, it added another found in Addis Abeba, after buying the state owned St. George Brewery, the oldest in Ethiopia, in 1998.

A restructuring of the company took place in 2002 that led the capital to beef up to 105 million Br, where BIH, a French interest with huge market presence in West Africa, maintained a majority share of 97pc. A year later, BIH bought off all the shares HEBU has had with BGI Ethiopia.

Today, the Brewery has an annual turnover of 45 million dollar.

"What interests BGI to engage in the wine business is the suitable climate of Ethiopia," Issayas Hadera, marketing manager of BGI, told Fortune. BIH has wineries in China and Russia.

Bron: All Africa

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  1. Robert

    Van een bedrijf met wijnbedrijven in China en Rusland kun je verwachten dat ze Ethiopie een “zeer geschikt klimaat” vinden… ;-)

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